Roof Restoration Cost Estimate

Prices for roof restoration depend on what type of roof is being restored. One roofing type may be more expensive than another due to differences in the quality of the materials used to construct it. Metal roofs can be more costly to repair due to the higher cost of the roof and the labor involved in installing it. The type of roof determines whether there are any structural problems that will need to be addressed immediately before a total roof replacement can be attempted.

The national average price to repair a basic tile roof ranges between eight hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. For a repair of a section of asphalt tiles damaged in a ten foot by ten foot area of a one-500 square foot home, the average price is between eight hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. At the high end of the spectrum you pay up to two thousand dollars for repairs of metal flashing or missing sections of shingles. Regardless of the roof restoration cost, however, almost always you will be saving money by avoiding roof painting.

Most roofing contractors will provide estimates per square ft for roof restoration projects, which include roof painting, sealcoating, caulking and repairs or replacements. When asking for an estimate on the cost per square foot ask for multiple quotes so you can compare the pricing. The labor costs associated with replacing or repairing shingles and tiles should be compared in addition to the price comparisons.

The national average roof repair cost per square meterage costs around two thousand dollars. Smaller jobs will incur a slight increase in price. For example, a two-bedroom house with only 100 square metres of flat roof would cost three thousand dollars per sq meter.

Painting prices depend on the size of the area to be painted and how many coats are required. Typically, professional painters charge one dollar per coat, but this will vary depending on the specific colors being painted and how much work is required. Asphalt shingles are more affordable than asphalt-based colors. It is important to take into account the time required to prepare the job. It also depends on whether you need your gutters and/or the eaves replaced or repaired. The length of the job can affect the labor cost.

On a roof restoration cost basis you should also consider the general contractor’s fees. Depending on the scope or condition of your roofing, these fees might be negotiable. Tiling, for instance, requires heavy equipment. Therefore, the contractor will require a written guarantee that the tiled surface will last at most ten years without having to be redone. A standard warranty covers metal roofing for a set period.

Depending on what material is used, roofing can include repairs to valleys, gables and ridges. If you decide to have the valleys or the ridges repaired, the cost of roof restoration will depend on how high the valleys were originally and how much work is needed to accommodate the new height. Asphalt shingles are more expensive than clay or slate tiles so they will cost you more. If you decide to have the ridges and valleys repaired, make sure you choose a professional roofing expert to avoid problems later on.

The final roof restoration cost will also include a portion for labour costs to restore the structure to its pre-incident state. This could be a cost for a mason or hire someone to do it. Other labour costs will depend on the size of the debris and the amount work required to restore the structure to pre-incident conditions. You can calculate the cost to hire a roof cleaning professional based on the extent of the damage.